A Five Week Course for Living in Sovereignty with Your Cycle

Eat for Your Cycle: Reduce Period Pain, Cravings, Fatigue and Cycle Irregularities

Goddess in Rhythm is a journey through one whole month of the menstrual cycle, activating the wisdom in each of the four monthly hormonal phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual to help you become EMPOWERED by your cycle, rather than ruled by it.

When we understand the blueprint of our cycle, this builds more SELF-TRUST and personal SOVEREIGNTY. We can then work with our hormones to create an epic work schedule to prevent burn out. We can plan our activities, social functions, work meetings, and meals to support our hormones and work with our natural inner rhythm.

This program is packed with methods of living in sync with your cycle: delicious recipes, nutrition, cooking videos in Allie's kitchen, moon phase connections, hormone knowledge, natural birth control methods, herbalism, goddess archetypes, rituals, exercise videos, ancient Eastern medicine, crystals, sacred sexuality, and more!

It is here to help you live in rhythm with your cycle so you can access your inner goddess wisdom, while loving yourself, fearlessly!


Sister, you go through phases, just like the moon.

And there is wisdom in your cycle… in the balance of expansion (ovulation) and contraction (menstruation).

You were meant to feel vivacious, juicy, and full of energy. It starts with knowing your inner rhythm and trusting the guidance of your phases.

You have the magic inside you to become the creator of the life you truly deserve. In this fast-paced world, external systems and pressures can often distract us from trusting our own inner goddess, our own self-healer.

We’re constantly being exposed to images of others who “look” successful, happy, and vibrant… but the truth is, you have all the answers inside you and this becomes accessible when you stop trying to fit into other’s systems and start harmonizing with your OWN inner rhythm.


Are you ready to create your life from your inner rhythm, rather than the pulls of everything around you?


Inner trust and Sovereignty come from first KNOWING THYSELF. And knowing your rhythm, and how to plan your schedule, care for it and work with it- is your personal blueprint to FREEDOM.


Are you a Sister who...

Experiences PMS, food cravings, bloating, fatigue, and/or irregular cycles and wants to take charge of your health, through natural methods?

Wants to truly understand your inner rhythm, how to track it, and live in a way that supports your cycle, frees up your schedule, and  unlock its intuitive wisdom?

Wants a better relationship with your body, sexuality, and to know how to enhance your fertility?

Wants to learn how to eat to support your cycle?

Is a sensitive soul, with a spiritual outlook on life who is ready for mystical but practical methods for greater feminine health?

This is also for the woman who...

Is ready to become your own self-healer because you’re tired of having everyone else tell you what to do.

Lives authentically, to the beat of your own drum and is open towards holistic methods.

Is full goddess power, a woman who flows with her inner femininity and wants to deeply understand the cycles of the Earth, the Moon, and the Female body.

Is menstruating, or if you have irregular cycles, you want to balance and harmonize using the cycles of the moon and nutritional support.

Embodies your femininity, and is the creatix of your own queendom.

You can become EMPOWERED by your cycle
as you harmonize your life with your inner rhythm.

I want to help you:



When you know, you can eat certain foods that help decrease painful cramping and PMS. I have recipes to keep you at your best. Or if you’re trying (OR NOT TRYING) for a baby, you can actually determine when you are most fertile!



Discover your inner rhythm and utilize the eanergy and messages in each phase to put into your workouts, community connections, inner work, and rest. This means feeling vibrant and energized when you wake up in the morning!



When you know your body better, you are able to tap into wisdom with ease to guide your decision making. This means knowing when to say “yes” or “no.” A side effect of this is also feeling empowered by your sexuality >> like the beautiful feminine soul you are.

The truth:

We live in society that is productivity-obsessed.

For the beautiful cyclical being you are, popping an aspirin and chugging espresso to get the job done doesn’t feel so sexy, does it?

Nope… it burns you out, taxes your endocrine system, and gives you heavy, long periods, blood sugar imbalances, and low libido.

These hormonal imbalances lead to emotional eating, body shame, and weight gain. You lose trust in yourself, feel stuck in your life, and might think you can never move forward into the bliss and pleasure you truly deserve.


I get it, sister.

Stress kept me up at night, and sugar kept me going during the day. My two week, heavy menstrual cycle made me feel weak and powerless, and prevented me from becoming the empowered woman I knew I was.

I balanced my hormones naturally, through holistic methods, embodied feminine living, and by honoring the wisdom of my cycle. I feel FREE to flow with my personal rhythm now, safe to express my emotions, and safe to surrender to bleed.

I’m on a mission to help other women (you) do the same, while loving yourself fearlessly.

No one is going to fix it for you and no one can tell you exactly how to heal.

The codes of your healing come from within, from honoring yourself and working with the cycles of your life. But you don’t have to figure out how to do this alone. That is exactly what this course is here to help you do!


A Five Week Course for Living in Harmony with Your Cycle

Goddess in Rhythm offers an easy-to-understand explanation of fluctuating hormones that you can learn even if biology class wasn’t your favorite, and includes delicious recipes and methods for cyclical living.

Each week, you will receive a video with homework that you do at your own pace, helping you learn how your hormones are impacting your energy levels and mood + methods to harmonize with the phase you’re in: activities, rituals, moon phase connection, herbs, supporting foods, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda practices, goddess archetypes, workout videos, sacred sexuality, self-love,
and healthy body image work!

You will also receive some stellar additions:

  • A 1:1 Session for going deep into your individualized hormone needs + personalized protocol (VIP Package Only)
  • Manual: "A Goddess's Guide to Getting off the Birth Control Pill"
  • 2 Bonus Videos for Hormone Conditions: Thyroid Support, PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts, Fibroids
  • 2 Hormone Balance Cooking Videos in Allie's Kitchen
  • Moonstrual Expert Vault of Videos

    The Curriculum    


The Menstrual Cycle: An Overview

  • Activate the wisdom of your cycle… Your period is NOT a curse!
  • Harmonize with your cycle and use it as a source of EMPOWERMENT.
  • Which Moon Phase do you flow in and what is this telling you?
  • How does the birth control contraceptive effect your cycle?
  • Learn the hormone science through easy-to-understand explanations.
  • Learn the signals your body is telling you when there is hormonal imbalance.
  • Learn how to track your cycle so you know exactly when your period is coming and when you are most fertile.
  • Bring out your beautiful inner goddess. You ARE worthy, sexy, and gorgeous!

The Follicular Phase  

Harmonize with your “inner spring.”

  • Discover the foods that help you build energy.
  • Eat foods and recipes that support your hormones at this phase.
  • Learn ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Love your tummy, build confidence with your core, and activate your solar plexus-third chakra power!
  • Build energy with “Pilates for the Follicular Phase” workout video.
  • Learn moon phase rituals and activities to help you birth and grow your ideas and intentions.
  • Invoke follicular phase goddess archetypes, and use crystals for heightening the expression of this phase.
  • Learn how to live seasonally and cyclically.

The Ovulatory Phase  

Harmonize with your “inner summer.”

  • Discover the foods that heighten your fertility and give you expansive energy.
  • Eat foods and recipes that support your hormones at this phase.
  • Learn ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Maximize this phase’s powerful energy with “Strength Training for the Ovulatory Phase” workout video.
  • Connect with your feminine strength by learning how to build muscle, and utilize the high testosterone in this phase.
  • What is Sacred Sexuality, and how do we honor this practice?
  • Learn moon phase rituals and activities to help celebrate the abundance of this phase.
  • Invoke ovulatory phase goddess archetypes, and use crystals and yoni eggs for heightening the expression of this phase.
  • Learn how to live seasonally and cyclically.

The Luteal Phase  

Harmonize with your “inner autumn.”

  • Discover the foods that help you reduce food cravings, PMS, and cramping.
  • Eat foods and recipes that support your hormones at this phase.
  • Learn ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Flow with a whole yoga sequence in the “Yoga for the Luteal Phase” workout video.
  • Learn stretches and postures to help ground your energy and release body tension caused by pre-menstrual pains.
  • Learn relaxing self-care practices such as yoni steams, and meditation.
  • Understand why food cravings occur and how to balance blood sugar.
  • Learn moon phase rituals and activities to help release and let-go in this phase.
  • Invoke luteal phase goddess archetypes, and use crystals for heightening the expression of this phase.
  • Learn how to live seasonally and cyclically.

June 2nd

New Moon in Gemini

The Menstrual Phase  

Harmonize with your “inner winter.”

  • Discover the foods that help relieve menstrual cramps and replenish your body during menstruation.
  • Eat foods and recipes that support your hormones at this phase.
  • Learn ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Rest and restore with the audio track: “Menstrual Phase Meditation for Womb Wisdom.”
  • Learn how to listen to the pains of your body and decode the hidden messages.
  • Connect with your womb-space and use this as a source of intuitive guidance.
  • Learn how to create a beautiful altar space in your home.
  • Discover alternatives to maxi-pads and tampons.
  • Learn moon phase rituals and activities to help set new intentions during this phase.
  • Invoke menstrual phase goddess archetypes, and use crystals for heightening the expression of this phase.
  • Learn how to live seasonally and cyclically.

Start Your Transformation Today!

Goddess, YOU are WORTH it!--- Your Health. Your Hormones. Your Libido. Your Life!.

that's just $43 per week with our EPIC payment plan

Going VIP, you will receive a 1:1 Session with a Personalized Protocol for Hormone Balance

Womb Clearing Sessions or Yoni Steam Sessions are also available in VIP Package

Goddess, YOU are WORTH it.

Your Health. Your Hormones. Your Libido. Your Life!

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

1. Once you sign up for this course, you will receive an email with your password into our "Moonstruation Magick Online Portal." The videos on the portal are self-paced. Your job is to watch the recorded video each week. You are welcome to move at a slower pace over a few months, if needed. The course material will be accessible for 2 years.

2. In Week 1: You’ll first watch “The Menstrual Cycle, An Overview” video to learn what phase you are in and how to track your cycle.

3. The next week and so on, you will watch the video for the moonstrual phase you are in, as well as make the recipes in the Moon Cycle eCookbook and utilizing the workout video for that phase. If you have an irregular cycle, you can watch each phase synced with the moon: new moon (menstrual phase), waxing half (follicular phase), full moon (ovulatory phase), waning moon (luteal phase).n LIVE program starting Spring 2019)

4. You will receive one 1:1 Session to go in depth into your own personal hormonal needs (for ONLY VIP packages- this is where we deep dive into your personal hormone questions!) (in LIVE program starting Spring 2019)

5. Additional Bonus Videos:

  • Cacao Elixir for Your Inner Goddess Cooking Video with Allie McFee
  • Cooking for Hormone Balance and Estrogen Dominance with Allie McFee
  • Moonstrual Expert Vault Access



  • Learn how to eat for the four hormonal phases.
  • 15 recipes + photos of delicious nutrition for hormone balance.
  • Eat to reduce menstrual pain, enhance fertility and the libido.
  • Learn the science of hormone health, and the micronutrients that help regulate hormones.
  • Recipes are completely gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly plant-based.
  • For more information on eCookbook, check it out HERE.

(because I love you SO much!)

Bonus #2: Workout Videos from Three Fitness Experts

  • “Pilates for the Follicular Phase” led by Natalie Perez-Hayden, owner of Body, Mind and Core.

  • Activate your third chakra and build core strength.
  • Release body shame and love your middle, by building your core and sending it love!
  • Flow through a 12-minute Pilates sequence guided by Natalie.

Bonus #1: Moon Cycle eCookbook

Natalie’s Bio: Natalie is the owner of Body Mind and Core with an ERYT 200 Yoga and Pilates Certification. Originally from Belize, Natalie studied Pilates in California, through Balance Body’s Comprehensive Equipment based teacher training. Also, she became certified in yoga in California, and eventually moved to Indianapolis and opened Body, Mind and Core. Her classes are core and pelvic floor centered and she is best known for her creative and dynamic Vinyasa sequencing along with her ability to make yoga accessible through the use of props. She hopes yoga students welcome the many benefits of Pilates by incorporating them into their yoga practice. Body Mind and Core offers retreats in Belize and California to get away and go deeper in the practices. As mother of four, Natalie contributes her inner peace towards her Pilates and yoga practice.

“Strength Training for the Ovulatory Phase” led by Lauren Wrighton, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach.

  • Maximize the expansive energies of this phase to build strength and muscle, by utilizing the natural occurring boost in testosterone.
  • Build up your strength and cardio with this 40-minute video led by coach Lauren. Pause if you need to, but be prepared to get the heart rate up and get fit!
  • Video workout strengthens: upper body, core, and quads

Lauren’s Bio: Lauren is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over eight years of experience. She fell in love with group fitness in high school and has taught a variety of formats at Purdue, MIT, Boston University, and at both small and large local gyms. In each class she teaches, Lauren hopes that you will have fun exercising and that you'll discover your inner and outer strength! She currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband and new daughter, Samantha. Find more of Lauren's workouts and tips for living a healthy lifestyle by listening to her new podcast: Fit Friends Happy Hour.

“Yoga for the Luteal Phase” led by Ashlee Fehsenfeld, 250-RYT Yoga Instructor and SUP Yoga Instructor.

  • Flow through a 30-minute yoga sequence led by Ashlee.
  • Video includes both restorative poses (for beginners) and a challenging flow (for well-seasoned yogis).
  • First half of video: flow with Vinyasa poses, engaging your body with your breath.
  • Second half of video: ground your energy, restore vitality, and release tension and body stiffness caused by PMS

Ashlee’s Bio: Ashlee Fehsenfeld is a 250-RYT Yoga Instructor, Island SUP YTT certified, SUP Yoga Instructor certified, WPA (World Paddle Association) Level 1 certified, and CPR/First Aid certified. Ashlee began teaching Yoga in 2012 and has been paddle boarding for many years prior. She then merged her passion for yoga with her love of being on the water by pursuing her certification and starting a SUP Yoga company called Nomad Yoga and SUP. She travels to teach at Wanderlust Festival and Events, and teaches at The Yoga Studio in her city of residence. Her goal is to share the love of SUP yoga in hopes to ignite that same fervor in others. Ashlee believes the journey of yoga is never ending… it continues on and off the mat. She believes there is something so unique and unexplainable about exploring the practice of Yoga with the connection of the beautiful elements that nature provides

Bonus #3: “Menstrual Phase Meditation for Womb Wisdom” Audio Recording led by yours truly, Allie McFee.

  • Relax and rejuvenate your mind through this 15-minute guided meditation.
  • Deeply nourish your vital feminine life-force energy.
  • Learn how to listen to your body’s hidden messages from PMS, cramps, and pain.
  • Love yourself, fearlessly.
  • Learn how to create a relationship with listening to your womb space as a source of creative power and intuition.

Bonus #4: Moon Cycle Journal

  • Track your inner rhythm!
  • This journal will help you track your fertility signs, workouts, energy levels, intuitive wisdom, and emotions.

Bonus #5: Justisse Natural Birth Control Method with Dr. Parkinson, ND

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.33.57 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 3.07.53 PM
  • Naturopathic Doctor, Katelin Parkinson shares on the methods of charting the reproductive cycle
  • Education on the Justisse Method, a natural approach that does not use hormones for preventing pregnancy
  • Holistic education on natural fertility support

Katelin Parkinson is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Women's Health & Wellness Consultant, graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She specializes in women's reproductive health and fertility awareness. To learn more about Katelin, visit:

Facebook: @drkatelinparkinsonnd
Instagram: @indysnaturopath

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 3.02.46 PM

Bonus #6: Virtual Cooking Class for Hormone Balance

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 3.12.53 PM
  • 26 minute Cooking Video for Hormone Balance
  • How to reduce Estrogen Dominance through food
  • Allie shows how to make
    • Liver Detox Salad
    • Wraps with Collard Lead Wraps
    • How to Sprout Mung Beans
    • Sunflower Seed Cheeze Pate

Bonus #7: Blood Mysteries Ceremony with Priestess Laura

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 3.19.51 PM
  • New Moon Ceremony of the Priestess Arts
  • The Wisdom of Our Menstrual Blood
  • Ceremoniously Living with the Moon

Priestess Laura Carmody is the owner of Priestessing the Paradigm Shift where she leads Red Tent Retreats and online red tent facilitator training, and is Temple Coordinator and Priestess of the Moon Lodge at the Goddess Temple in Ashland, Oregon.

Laura brings a balanced, well-rounded perspective of facilitation & space holding to her offerings, birthed from both intimate work with a temple community & deep devotion to her personal self-healing journey.

For more information on Priestess Laura, visit

Facebook & Instagram: @PriestessingtheParadigmShift

Bonus #8: Post Pill Care Guide

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 6.17.30 PM
  • Learn what foods to eat to support post-pill usage
  • Learn what herbs help regulate the hormones, naturally
  • Learn what nutrients deficiencies the contraceptive can create, and what to supply your body with!

Bonus #9: Access to Presentation Recordings

Thyroid- Goddess in Rhythm

In this recorded session, we discuss nutrition + protocols for:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto's (Antibodies)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Proper Lab Testing
  • Digestion
  • Stress
Estrogen Dominance- Goddess in Rhythm (1)

In this recorded session, we discuss nutrition + protocols for:

  • Cysts: Uterine and Ovarian
  • Fibroids
  • PCOS + Insulin Resistance
  • Candida
  • STI Support: HSV1 &2, HPV
  • Low Estrogen + Low Libido

Bonus #10: Access to Moonstruation Expert Vault


Eat Healthy with Your Kids While Mooning

Beautiful Sabrina (1)

Ayurveda & Your Menstrual Cycle

Beautiful Arielle (1)

Herbalism for PCOS


Blood Mysteries & Rituals for Moontime

Beautiful CJ

Flow as an Entrepreneur with Your Menstrual Cycle

Beautiful Katelin

Natural Fertility Support

Christina Bertelli

Natural Solutions for BV, Yeast Infections, and UTI's

Are you ready to be the Goddess in Rhythm
you were meant to be?

that's just $43 per week with our EPIC payment plan

Goddess, YOU are WORTH it.

Your Health. Your Hormones. Your Libido. Your Life!

Going VIP, you will receive a 1:1 Session with a Personalized Protocol for Hormone Balance

Womb Clearing Sessions or Yoni Steam Sessions are also available in VIP Package


"Once I started following the recipes, I noticed a more harmonious flow to my body because I was able to tune into my body more and give it what I needed, which allowed for less painful periods, and a lot more energy.

It also helped me to tap into the wisdom that we all innately have by connecting to my womb space, which brought up a lot emotionally for me to heal. I now continue to follow those little womb whispers that help me transform and heal on such deep levels.

I would recommend this course to any woman who has troubles with their period or who wants to understand women’s health. I feel that every woman needs to take this course!”

~Ebony, 24

“Goddess in Rhythm is RAISING THE VIBRATION to change the lives of many women! Allie was more helpful than any doctor/OBGYN I've ever been to. She cleared up a lot of concerns I've had for years and did a great job at explaining in a knowledgeable yet easy to understand way. Not only do I understand more about what's happening in my body and why, I feel like I have the resources to fix these imbalances from the advice Allie gave. She is so knowledgeable, loving, and truly cares about the people she gives to. I wish every woman in the world could talk with her!”

~Alana Bruggner, 27, Owner of Fló

"Since receiving this beautiful offering, I have become more in tune with my body’s natural cycles and this has brought a great sense of empowerment and joy into my every day.

Allie has a nurturing and joy-filled way that she explains each phase of our moon cycle, and ways in which we can honor our bodies and our Self as we cycle our natural rhythm. Her teachings are very grounded in scientific truth, connecting delicious earthly foods that support hormone health, while bringing in the mystical wonders of goddess offerings, supportive crystal energies and beautiful self-care practices.

I am truly grateful and would recommend Allie’s course to anyone seeking to empower their divine Modern Goddess. This offering is truly a gift."

~Stephanie Shrock, Yoga Teacher

I recently got off birth control pills and was filled with fear surrounding getting pregnant. This program has really helped me learn the natural rhythm of my body and to figure out which days I’m most fertile so I can easily and effectively avoid pregnancy.

With Allie’s program Goddess in Rhythm I have been able to effectively tune into my body and listen to what it needs at certain times of my cycle so I can perform better and eat accordingly to what my body craves during certain times. There are certain phases of your monthly cycle that require you to slow down and others where you can utilize the extra energy your body produces.

As an avid runner and overall active woman I am constantly striving to fuel myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Thank you Allie, I wouldn’t been able to take reins with confidence had I not taken this program!"
~Robin Holmer

Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to tell you that at the end of this program, you period will normalize and become pain-free, however holistic healing is a methodical process of self-love practices and commitment. Hormone health comes from an intricate balance of long-term lifestyle choices, genetic influences and epigenetics, exercise, and nutrition. Although the information in this program can help balance hormones and may even alleviate some symptoms right way when the methods are put into practice, hormonal balance may take months to years for some women to achieve. Your body is cyclical as is life, and the road to balance is not linear. Of course, applying practices daily, along with dedicating your time and investing yourself fully in this program, may give you better results within your wellness balance. However, if you have a more complicated underlying hormonal issue, you can contact Allie for private one-on-one coaching.


Hey Sister! I’m Allie. My life’s work is empowering women to embody the feminine, by living with their sacred rhythm, and nourishing their body-temples through nutrition, hormone balance, and sacred self-care.

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